Personal revelation… What career can help affect changes to support vulnerable people on a large scale?

TLDR at the bottom.

For some context: I graduated from a mid tier university in the UK a couple years ago with a first class degree in Psychology. I went straight into working in the charity sector setting up befriending projects for lonely and vulnerable people alongside volunteering a couple times a week in different charities, it was all super fulfilling and still is to a degree…

I have been getting frustrated and feeling very defeated recently and I think I’ve worked out why: every time I help a vulnerable client in my job I know that there’s another 10’000 just on our database, and millions more who currently need or will need that help soon.

I would like to work towards a career that can help affect change and help vulnerable people (whether that be loneliness, addiction, poor socioeconomic background) on a macro scale but I’m honestly not sure where to begin. I have enough funds saved up for a masters degree and my girlfriend is happy to support a wage drop for a while so I can pursue this properly.

Any advice or general direction to look in would be hugely appreciated!

TLDR: I want a career that can help make large scale changes to help society.

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