Too soon to switch jobs?

I recently completed my first 60 days at a new job. I can already tell I’m definitely not interested in staying at this company long term.

I’m not actively searching for another job but I regularly have recruiters reaching out on LinkedIn for new roles. I’m aware they never really look at profiles prior to sending out messages, so when I speak with them on the phone I’m stuck having to explain why I’m looking so soon. You reached out to me! Lol

I’ve done some job hopping in the past and it’s starting to get obvious on my resume (1 year on average per job. )

I work in data and all my jobs in the last 10 years are in healthcare. Recruiters reaching out have been for roles in data/IT but outside of healthcare. I’ve been trying to frame it as switching industries but not sure if that’s enough.

Should I just stick it out at my current job or continue responding to any recruiters reaching out on LinkedIn?

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