Chasing a dream to be a pilot at 26. Is it childish?

Background story: Always wanted to be an airline pilot, but the cost for that is way above what I could afford (that was 10y ago, I’m 26.). But this dream comes back to life every time I hop on a plane or go to the airport. I’m graduating as an architect (I really like this area), but aviation really makes my eyes shine. It’s like something I’m really passionate about. I would like to start pursing that career (airline pilot). But I’m afraid of two things:

\- Being childish and letting an area that gives me good financial return for something uncertain

\- Being too “old”. I don’t know if I can get an Airline Transport Pilot license (since it’s still expensive to me, but not so distant right know) before I turn 30. I’m afraid I’m investing in something that doesn’t fit my age.

So, of course if I ask my friends they’ll say “go for it, chase you dream!”. But in a mature, career analysis side, is this a good choice?

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