How can I find a chance to showcase my multi-disciplinary talent?

I want a chance to work in business development and sales, but don’t have any demonstrable experience in the field.

I started working officially in 2017, as a freelance translator and foreign language teacher. (I have a degree in foreign language teaching – English and German. My native language is Italian).

My business was growing steadily and I even began working as PA for one of my clients in 2019, which gave me the opportunity to work developing business for high end companies.

In 2020, after covid hit really hard, I accepted a part time job as a source of stable income, working as an admin assistant for a school where I had previously been a teacher.

My responsibilities (and skills include): marketing for the company, updating their social media and website, organizing the workload of teachers and scheduling lessons, tech support for teachers and students and developing new business opportunities.

I go above and beyond when I’m working a job, to give you an idea, I’ve completely redesigned and digitalized the procedures for registrating new students and teachers, and I’ve set up a redesigned learning platform.

The problem is that I want to do more. I want a job where I have more growth opportunities, where I can dedicate more time to business development than admin tasks.

I think I have the right toolset for the job, but the jobs I’ve worked so far were not in structured companies that gave me demonstrable experience.

How can I find opportunities for growth as a 37 year old woman?

I have good working knowledge of computer hardware and the most common softwares (above the average level for admin employees, as I come from a family of programmers), including graphic editing (Adobe illustrator, indesign and photoshop). I’m a ‘techie’ and a gamer. I speak Italian (native), English (near native), French (fluent) and German (basic).

I’m willing to freelance, to work on a purely performance based income (meaning I can accept to get paid with a % the money I make for a company), and I would even consider accepting unpaid opportunities that give me a chance to grow.

What fields and opportunities should I look into?

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