How to stop feeling so guilty for turning down a job offer?

I just recently graduated college, got a job but it was not
what I expected and got let go after about 2 months. I
have been trying to figure out what I wanna do with my
life and decided I wanted to try to go into politics. I had
been applying to jobs for weeks and networking, and no
luck. I was feeling quite discouraged and saw a teaching
job on Linkedln and randomly decided to apply. I got a
call back right away. The principal was SO kind and he
invited me to the school the next week. I went, and
everyone was so nice to me, it’s a Catholic school and
they said they have been praying for someone like me To
fill this position since the last teacher had to leave after
starting the school year be she got ill, and they were
having no luck. Anyways, he offered me a job after talking
to my references w a sign on bonus and end of year
bonus. My references called me later to say how much he
liked me and let them know if I accept the job! I was of
course very excited to get an offer since I had been
searching for so long for a new job. Well, the next week
everything else started falling into place and I got
interviews for jobs I was originally interested in. I kept the
principal hanging for a week since I wanted to have those
interviews. Finally, on the last day, I declined his position
since it looks like I will be receiving an offer this coming
week. However, I feel SO bad and guilty for not accepting
the teaching position. I felt like it would’ve been a good
deed, and they needed someone so bad. My mom also is
not helping and makes me feel very bad for turning the
job down. I think I could’ve been good at it, but teaching
isn’t something I really wanted to pursue at this time if I
had other options. It felt like a good job to take if I wasn’t
getting any other offers. I already turned it down but I
keep loosing sleep thinking about how sad the principal
must be that I didn’t accept the position. Does anyone
have any thoughts or advice on this? Should I have just
accepted it right away? Will karma come back to me for not accepting?

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