Abusive boss not sure what to do?

I started working as a Legislative Aide in my state legislature back in May. The aide before me seemed in a rush to leave but I didn’t really know why at the time. My boss is a state Representative who at first seemed very kind and charismatic however as time went on I noticed I was doing far more work then the other aides around me. Around a month ago he started exploding on me for every mistake I made and began watching me like a hawk, contacting me on the weekends, lying about me to other Representatives and gas lighting me. I called his old aide and she informed me the same thing happened to her but even worse, when she tried to leave he sabatoged interviews by telling the places she applied to she was a terrible worker so she was forced to stay with him. She didn’t inform me about him because she was desperate to leave. I’m really worried I want to leave but I’m terrified he’ll try and sabatoge any attempt, is their anything I can do? He’s a state representative so he has power and influence I’m not sure I can do anything.

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