How can I quit while managing an intern?

Hello! Posting as a throwaway because my supervisor is incredibly invasive and creepy and knows some of my social media handles. Basically, I am looking to find a new job ASAP. I’ve been there nearly 2 years and I’m ready to leave. I am in the Netherlands, that has a standard 1 month notice period. I am also currently managing the intern as her “mentor”. We’ve had a few honest discussions, and after a chaotic period for her to essentially be forced into any internship at a week’s notice, I know she does not like this position, but since it’s temporary and somewhat in line with her education, we’re making it work. I am one of 2 people left from a mass exodus that occured over the summer, so there are a lot of junior employees. She and I (and other colleagues) have a great relationship, which is why I am feeing guilty right now.

Our office has severe management issues, particularly with my supervisor. Sparing all the details, it boils down to him being an abusive, sexist, manipulative liar that’s just a general nightmare that our managing director turns a blind eye to when complaints are brought up. If I leave as soon as I hope to, with the notice period, I would be leaving with about 2 months left of her internship, which leaves her at a disadvantage when it comes to meeting with the school, having a visit, completing paperwork, etc. It also means that more than likely, my supervisor will take over the mentorship role, and she hates him due to the racist and misogynistic comments he’s made towards her.

I’m debating if I should talk to the school before leaving to let them know, but I don’t know if that’s beyond unprofessional since I’ve never managed an intern before, let alone in this tense of an environment.

Does anyone have any advice on how to navigate these messy waters?

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