How do you prioritize tasks when everything is treated with the same urgency?

TL;DR is the title to save yourself time.

I joined this new job on the 1st of June.

I’ve done my best to pick up on processes, skills required, procedures and integrate myself within my new department.

My direct manager is greatly supportive and is more than happy to guide me when i have a query regarding anything related to my tasks and roles.

We have a VP who treats everything with urgency, this is an anxious man and gets upset yelling at people (I’ve been yelled at a few times already). Everything he asks for should be top priority and be done ASAP, and he asks alot.

I’ve been doing timely update reports and presentations, requisitions for our department, and have been handed a project to manage on top of my role which involves a lot of coordinating with stakeholders.

Last friday I almost broke down in the office because a part of my project had to be delayed. Everything felt like it was piling up.

Given my current situation, i would like to learn a good way to prioritize items and keep track of them given that everything is urgent.

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