MA in Math, where to?

I graduated with a MA in math in 2019, and tried my hand at a Learning Sciences PhD (life + pandemic = finding that academic research wasn’t for me, especially financially…)

Took a sabbatical year to do coding projects and just reorient, and soul search.

Background: I spent about three years coding for my Math MA thesis in Python (understanding feasible regions in higher dimensional optimization) and I have some prototypes in C# VR learning enhancement on a book using Unity.

I’m not sure where I fit in industry, since I spent my whole career as a student so far… Do I need to skill up first at a bootcamp or get some certifications? I’m lucky to have housing and food, so I need to spend this finite time wisely.

I am applying to…

1) SWE/SWD roles (can anyone help evaluate my skills/portfolio?)
2) Data Scientist roles (probably will need to learn AI/ML algorithms, so maybe bootcamp or certs?)
3) Data Analyst roles (brush up on R and SQL, I have some exp, academic but 3 years on Python)
4) …?

What are some viable paths?

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