What should I do next in this situation?

So, I’ve been at this job for 8 months. It’s my first administrative job after being in food service for several years. When I started, the general idea was that I’d receive three months of training before the office manager left for 5 months of maternity leave and I’d run the office.

In hindsight, 5 months of training would have been better as I still didn’t know everything I needed to by the time she left. There were a lot of things I’ve managed to pick up as I go. I can do the majority of the work just fine, but where I struggle is the accounting side of the job and that is what is causing the issues with my boss.

Invoicing and paying them I am perfectly capable of doing, but I’m still learning about payroll tax, superannuation, loans and all that jazz. I wish we had more time in my training to go over this stuff. My boss will ask me a question about some loan or something else that I didn’t even know existed until he mentioned it. He will get annoyed that I don’t know how to do a certain thing that I’m aware of, but we never got to covering. It has caused some tense moments that leaves my boss frustrated and me feeling very anxious about my position.

There are other issues that are too personal to get into, but the crux of the matter is that my boss doesn’t necessarily trust me with the company’s finances, and it’s reached a point where we’ll be discussing my future at the company once the office manager returns from her leave in a few weeks.

After talking to the office manager, it appears I have two options:

1. Do some revisionist training focusing on accounting and give the job a second chance.
2. Concede that this job simply isn’t working and start looking for a new position in 2023.

To be fair to my boss, he said if I choose the second option, he wouldn’t kick me to the curb and would allow me to stay until I found the new position.

It’s a rock and a hard place situation. The rest of the job is easy to do and a part of me believes that I could properly learn the accounting side of things. It’s only a small office and all my coworkers are great.

But on the other hand, I don’t know if I want to remain working for this particular boss. He’s a good person, as stated above, but he is very blunt and his personality clashes with mine and his words, even if he doesn’t mean them to, can hit hard and harsh in way that leaves me reeling.

Whatever advice you folks have on this situation is much appreciated.

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