How do I leave a job to go to a new field?

This is a loaded question, so I am sorry in advance. I have been working since the start of the pandemic as an office admin (payroll, AR, AP, office bitch etc.) and am looking to change fields/do something more with my life. this is hard because I am very money motivated and I make a very good salary at my current job, however, there is no opportunities or room to grow or learn anything further. it is also all in person which is not my favourite thing in the world, I also am not interested in going back to school, however, online schooling is something I could manage. I graduated with a degree in communications studies, but I am no longer “entry level” if that makes any sense since I have been in the workforce for two years post-graduation. I don’t know what field I should go into, if I should leave, or if anyone has any suggestions. So I guess my question(s) is… what should I do/where should I start/what positions should I be looking at?

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