Is it socially acceptable to walk into a place and ask if they’re hiring?

So I’ve been trying to find [labor] work for a few weeks.

Honestly, looking online has been overwhelming. The wording of expectations/requirements are overwhelming to me for some reason.

Since it’s labor jobs I’m looking for (best for my mental health to keep busy), which are often not degree related (moreso experience/ability related), I figured walking in to places and straight up asking if they’re hiring for a certain position would be my most confident way to ‘apply’ for a job.

I did this l ready to a local farm, but they aren’t hiring until spring. Had a positive encounter there so I figured I could just keep doing this.

Especially now it’s about the busy time of Christmas and such, I was thinking of going to Christmas tree businesses to ask if they need seasonal help with Christmas trees.

Would this be a socially acceptable thing to do? To go to the business and personally ask about a job?

Or does it look “low”? (Not sure how it could, seems more professional/honest to be frank)

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