what is the best job for work/ life balance?

i don’t want to be passionate about my job. i just want a job where i can go to work to get the bills paid and have my professional and private life be completely separate. i don’t want to take my work home with me. i am a highly empathetic person but don’t want to use my empathy skills in my professional life anymore and would rather i save it for my personal life. i just want to have a dispassionate, boring, repetitive job with no more last minute changes and where i no longer have to form connections and build rapport. i am a teacher and this is all currently impossible. i can’t deal with the constant chaos of a school environment anymore and genuinely prefer when i used to be a cashier due to the repetitive nature, predictability of my days, and limited social interaction per person. i also have chronic pain and being on my feet all day is terrible for it, so i’m looking for a job where i can be in one place all day and doesn’t require a lot of walking or physical labour. i also can’t do anything that requires an undergraduate degree in stem. what are my options?

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