What options are available for a quick career change?

I’m ~30 years old, living in Nashville TN. I have a degree in hospitality management, 15 years in the restaurant business, 10 as management.

Recently I was diagnosed with arthritis, largely effecting my legs and lower spine. This is making it hard to accomplish what I need to on a daily basis. In addition to this, work-life balance has been terrible my entire career. All this to say, I need to change careers to something that I see more longevity in.

I’m fortunate to have saved enough to re-invest in my education during this search, but don’t know where to begin with pursuing options. Tech seems obvious with the myriad of boot camps available, but I’m finding conflicting information about the validity of many programs. What other fields should I be looking towards? Any advice from people who have been through similar circumstances?

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