Based on my strengths and weaknesses, What job role / field am I best suited for ?

Hey guys,

Been doing some reflection. Unfortunately I am out of work! I left a Corporate Banking role in audit (I hated it!) only after 6 months! It was terrible and I really wasn’t engaged in what I was doing.

I’m trying to figure out what my next role should be. Based on my work experience I have assessed what my strengths and weaknesses are:

**My strengths**

· Hard working

· Sense of urgency

· Works well with numbers (I’m not numerate, but oddly work well with numbers!)

· Investigative

· Good communicator

· Great attention to detail

· Intense focus when interested or able to understand what I’m doing


· Not into intense reading (I’m not much of a reader!)

· Not into heavy documentation

· Bad Short term memory

Note: I find I learn better with jobs that are repetitious


**What Job role / field am I best suited for?**

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