I work full time and get treated well but I don’t earn enough. Do I go back into my career field and earn more or not?

I work full time, and get treated well but I don’t earn enough

For context I am in the UK and I get paid £11ph this is good for most manual labour jobs here as many jobs are non wage.

I work full-time but I cannot afford basic things and after bills this week I have £14 left over (I did take some time off see over the last few weeks and are catching up however, maybe worth noting) I work in a warehouse nothing special. I was taking a break from trying to break into a career in mental health/psychology (Assistant psychologist) and didn’t plan to be here long but, have given up. Mainly due to the toxicity in the career field and how people get treated working for the NHS. (I do also have a masters degree so I am qualified and have worked in various hospitals etc over the last 8 years)

I have got various MH issues myself and have found working in MH even as support work the management do not to be frank care. But, working in my current job my managers have spent a lot of time making provisions for me and have agreed we can have a 10min vent everyday (their idea) and reduced my targets and give me time off when I need etc.

So, for my MH it’s better to work with people who care about me rather than those who don’t in a higher stress job. But, I don’t know if it’s enough is there anything else I can do to earn money in my spare time?


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