What can I (26F) do with my life?

I’m a college graduate in sustainability (MA), languages and film studies (BA) and I’ve reached a point where every decision I make gives me stress, because I can’t choose a path. One day I’m into one thing, the next day I’m after something else. I’ve always sought diversity in my life but also, any situation that requires me to fully be comitted to something makes me happy. I want an interesting career but I’m afraid to give it my all in one thing and forget about the rest. I’m literally stuck and looking for a job is stressing me out to the point where I don’t feel like I’m capable of having one. The fact that my degrees aren’t into only one field is definitely making it harder as I’m not specialised in one thing. I feel like I have so much potential and it’s only collecting dust in the attic because I can’t choose.

I would immensly appreciate any advice from people who’ve struggled like me and I’m also very interested in any job or career suggestions (I love moving around if that matters). Along with my studies background, I also speak 5 languages and I particularly enjoy critical thinking. I’ve thought about becoming a translator, journalist, editor…but I love art as well (photography) and the fact that I lack focus is making me less committed in general to what I like and I don’t want to feel so lost anymore. I don’t mind getting an additional certificate or specialisation if it’s worth it but what I really need is to find my sense of purpose.

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