Finance Vs Data science?


My employer is offering a few programs and I wanted to do a MSc in finance and recently came across MSc data science which has me confused as I’m interested in both the subjects. Reason I’m hesitating for the finance option is because it is more like finance and accounting, but I’m interested in finance and investment. Due to this reason, I’m considering data science since finance doesn’t offer the study and certification path I wanted anyway.

I am a software eng. graduate and initial thought was to pursue finance and investment and go for certifications such as CFA but the qualification offered on the program is finance and accounting with certifications like CIMA.

Both the programs are around 3 years so I want to be careful and consider my options and what doors each may open. With finance, I would have the ability to rotate between teams every year but the DS option doesn’t seem to allow that. Since I’m interested in both subjects, I would want to pursue the other in my own time since I can pick only one. So I want to know for which one it would be more beneficial to have an official qualification for and which one can be pursued as self study.

Would studying for CIMA help me with studying CFA? Is DS a better option since I have a tech background anyway?

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