Should I leave my current job in consulting (I have 2 options, either get support or leave) ?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working in a social consulting firm and have been for the past 4 months. A few days ago on Thursday night I was called for a meeting with the director and manager. Long story short, my performance is not where it should be. Basically they told me something along the lines of “we either could invest in you and you continue wirh us, or if you are not committed we start searching for another one”. I told them I couldn’t make such an important decision on such short notice, feeling very exhausted and not in the best state of mind. They told me to rest and think about it (except for one thing that I had to done on Friday). After that the manager and I had a handover meeting and I told her everything about work.

I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to take their offer on building my capacity (and no idea on how that is going to look like), or tell them I’m out and just take a break and just think everything over. I felt that they would prefer me staying (thus the meeting), but telling them I need time to give the decision could be interpreted as me not being dedicated. I might be overthinking it.

Going over the post it seems I gave very little information about myself, I don’t know if more information would be relevant, if yes please let me know. Thanks for any advice, comments or discussions.

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