Struggling to break 45k/year. What can I do to get to 60k?

Looking for guidance/advice. (Update below)

I’m a 33 years old male. I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck all my life, barely floating above the poverty line. Never made anything over 43k/year. I have a bachelors degree, $33k in student loan debt, and parents ruined my credit from 715 to 500-ish. I also have never had a credit card and never taught anything about how to manage my money.

I’m now in a 5 year relationship with a woman I plan to marry. It’s given me new purpose in life. Part of that is being able to provide for my family… but my work history is all over the place; sales, graphic design, construction, delivery driver, security guard supervisor.

With the lifestyle I live 60k is my current goal that would make me feel comfortable to not worry about bills and save money for the first time. But I can’t get anything that pays that to save my life. I’m obviously doing something wrong and I’m willing to drop my pride and learn/do whatever I need to make my future family’s lives easier.

Update: I appreciate everything you’ve all said so far. To answer some questions; I currently live in south western VA, moved from Maryland during the pandemic because the cost of living is too high. My degree is in graphic design, I don’t know a lot and I was forced by my parents to go to school, I had no interests at the time so I just picked something to shut them up… I also have an interests in IT since I like computers, but I’d be starting from scratch and idk how to begin.

Update 2: holy shit that’s a lot of comments. I’ll try to read thru them all and answer as many questions as I can when I have time.

Update 3: NO SALES… I’m embarrassingly bad at sales.

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