What career advice would you give my wife?

My spouse works in the restaurant industry as a general manager (GM). She is hoping to climb the ladder and become a district manager. The company said that hopefully she will start sometime mid next year once they start to open the next store.

I told her not to get her hopes too high due to recession fears and potential issues with people cutting back on spending (don’t want her to get excited and then emotionally hurt if it doesn’t happen as planned due to timeline). Nevertheless, I am extremely excited about this for her b/c it is a big deal for her career and our family.

She has started to train her replacement now bc it takes a long time (months) to get General manager certified internally by the company and they have high general manager turn over. As of now, they have the same position except he is training under her.

My wife works 7 days a week (not all full shifts), and rarely has a day off a month and clocks close to 55-60 hours a week. There is always something wrong that causes her to go in. She doesn’t have a great work life balance and we have two kids (8 and 11). Her boss also promised the training GM every Saturday off as well which upset my wife.

The training GM just moved to the area and asked my wife to sign his offer letter for his mortgage to close. My wife saw the offer and realized the guy was making 8% more than her. The guy has never been a manager and has never worked in a restaurant before. I guess he assumed my wife made more than him since she is training him. She was obviously extremely hurt and upset (really sad). She called me crying and didn’t understand why they (company) would do this even though they say how much they appreciate all she does.

What career advice would you give my wife?

I told her it’s probably time to look for a new job if this is how they treat her. She is hesitant bc she likes the company and wants to be a district manager. However if they are lowballing her now then the district position salary will probably be low balled too (not for sure but who knows) and will be a lot more hours of work too.

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