What’s the best job option for me?

I (23 years old, one year out of college) work at Company A where I make $60K as a Data Engineer with no bonus or employee perks except for unlimited PTO and fully remote work. Their 401K match is dollar for dollar up to a 3.75% match. I’m supposed to get a promotion next month but I don’t see the promotion exceeding $90K total compensation if I’m lucky. Also, I currently live in Chicago and love it.

I received a job offer from Company B as a Technical Sales Engineer for an Electronics Company. The base is $93K, 20% yearly bonus, Up to 20%-30% sales commission bonus, $10K sign on bonus, and $15K RSO. In addition, they would also give me an $8K relocation fee, and they have an employee plan where they offer $7.5K per year to pay for my personal car since I’m going to have to drive quite a bit. The first year package is $180K. If you take away the one time bonuses, you’re still looking at $150K starting and the yearly raises are based on performance. Not to mention up to 4% 401k matching, 10k post grad tuition assistance and other perks.

The issue is that with Company B, I would work in electronics and leave me dream field of software. The major issue is that they will relocate me either to Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee or have me stay in Chicago but I won’t know until a month from now which is after my offer letter acceptance deadline. I don’t really want to leave Chicago. Also, they only offer 20 vacation days and the job is 100% onsite, but has a good work life balance.

I’m torn on what to do because I love the software industry and Chicago. I asked HR if there’s anything they could do get me Chicago and I’m awaiting their response but I’m approaching the job offer as if it’s up in the air. I’m not sure if I should stay or take the new job. I hated Electrical Engineering in college but I do love sales and business. But I also love software. I’m lost.

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