I love recording and collating data across multiple points, what career would be right for me?

It started with my parents asking me to research the best states and cities to move to – from California.

My parents gave me clear guidelines on what they wanted. Red state, cheap COL, the usual.

I should note that my political opinions are completely separate from my parents. Whether I agree or disagree with their idea of the “perfect state” is irrelevant. I was asked to find the best states and cities for them to move to, based on the criteria they provided to me. I intend to fulfill that.

I had a lot more fun compiling the list than I thought I would. I have dozens of individual factors – racial demographics, population density, average highs and lows for each season, job growth, unemployment, poverty rate – I’m covering everything, and I can’t stop myself from adding to the list. When I’m done, my list will be a complete statistical breakdown of the best cities for my parents to retire in. There will be data points that they wouldn’t have even thought about, but will have been recorded for 200+ cities across a dozen states in the interest of thoroughness.

Aside from thoroughness and my own sense of perfectionism, the aspect of how fun it has been to collect these stats will have surely played a role. This is FUN. I love it. I love collecting these data points, I love comparing how the population density in one city in Oklahoma compares to a similar city 20 miles away. I average the data points that I’ve collected across states to give averages for the state as a whole.

All for fun. This makes up 2 hours before I go to bed. I am doing this in my free time, in lieu of playing video games or hanging out with friends. This work is my idea of a good time. Recording the data for each city has become somewhat routine and monotonous, due to me memorizing the Excel spreadsheet and knowing exactly which factor needs to be inputted in sequence, and I know it like the back of my hand. White, NH White, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Foreign-Born, English-Speaking, Population, Population Growth %, Population Growth #, Population Density, Land Area, Median Home Price, Median Income, Per Capita Income, COL, Sales Tax, Unemployment, Poverty Rate, Average Temp Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, July High, December Low, Average Rainfall, Average Snowfall, Elevation, Last Tornado, Average Tornadoes/Year, Average EF Rating, Max EF Rating, Total Tornadoes, and 2020 Trump vote percentage.

To date, I’ve recorded all this information for over 100 cities, and I expect to hit 200 by the time I’m done.

If there’s a career that involves this type of work, I need to know about it. I might as well get paid for what I’m already doing during my free time.

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