Job suggestions?

Hey everybody,

So I’ll give some background about me, and I’d really love to hear some job/career ideas I can look into that I may not know about.

I am a 28 year old guy. Smaller, not much background in physical labor. Since I turned 16, 90% of my employment has been in customer service or retail. My last job was 6 years a cable/internet call center in the billing department which just got really old after awhile dealing with pissed off rude people that take out their problems on phone reps. But I was really good at it and good at escalating irate callers. Im pretty fluent on computers and have always enjoyed them. I’ve never programmed or anything like that but tons of gaming and I’ve always been VERY good with hand eye coordination. I have taken prereqs for X-ray school and actually will be starting next fall. But I am really not sure right now if it’s what I want to do. I really enjoy working from home so I’ve been trying to see what kind of computer jobs like IT or something in that lane where I can work quietly at home in my own space and make decent money in Colorado. I think I’m just kinda burnt on dealing with people in a customer service only role. Looking for something more hands on that isn’t completely boring and that will pay decent.

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