What does the Process for Applying for Continuous FMLA for Panic Attack?

Hello, this is the first time I am reaching out for help here. Thank you in advance for helping me with your advice.

I am a healthcare Frontline supervisor. Since Covid, we have been very busy and short staffed. I have to cover Frontline staff shortages and I have been working sometimes 6-7 days a week, double shifts very often. I have tons of vacation hours, and couldn’t use it yet, per my boss, for operational needs.

Three weeks ago, when multiple staff got Covid and needed to quarantine, I had my first panic attack for staff shortages. I could hear my heart beat and palpitation, felt dizzy, then threw up. Then my left side of my face felt numb when I stood up, and I almost passed out. I was sent home when I was fully awake, with a tremendous amount of guilt. After I went home, I reached out to my doctor and couldn’t get an appointment right away until Monday next week. I rested half a day and then went back to work the next day. I have had 2 more panic attacks since, and I was sent home. My boss spoke with me yesterday, hinting my condition seemed made up and I need to put myself together for the team.

A dear coworker of mine told me I should get FMLA to protect myself. I do feel I need to protect myself with FMLA, with continuous 2 weeks for the frequent panic attacks asap, and possible intermittent afterwards.

Does anyone have any experience that could share with me regarding applying fmla for panic attacks and anxiety? Since I am going to meet my provider in 2 days, I want to be ready and start working on the FMLA paperwork.

Thank you all again for your help and advice.

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