Applying to work at a vendor your current employer uses?

I currently work at a private aircraft charter company, and I’ve been toying with the idea of looking for something else. Right now I do 3 different jobs, and have had discussions over the last year about whittling that down to 1-2 and not much has changed. I am now training people to take on some of my workload, but there’s just a tall learning curve before their present, and even then they’re not super interested in managing things at the level I do. And even that would not be a huge relief.

So we use a scheduling software that’s designed for our industry I’ve worked with their support team quite a bit, and do a lot of management on our system. Onboarding, CRM updates and procedures, things like that. I’m an admin so I handle a lot of permission related things as well. So this company is hiring in a position that works with operators as their success advocate. I think I’d do really well in that position since I would have been in both sides. I’m really more tech oriented, and I’m at a point where I’m burnt out on doing so many things all the time. I’d like to get really good at one role; not mediocre at 1, okay at another; and good at the third.

But while I was thinking this over I wondered, is this unethical? The company I want to apply at hasn’t said anything to me about it. Nor, have I said anything to anyone about it. there’s no poaching going on, but is it taboo to work for a companies vendor, particularly one of our largest vendors? I don’t know that I would get the job, or that they don’t themselves have a policy against such a move from one of their customers. But if it’s not distasteful I’d really go for it.

Thanks in advance!

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