Feeling like my job is so unfulfilling after post-grad. What should I do?

I just graduated from a good university where I felt extremely intellectually challenged, and I started my job as a project manager about 3 months ago. It pays pretty well entry-level, but sometimes I look at my job and go “wtf” because it seems like my job just consists of crafting the perfect email to my VP. I get so much criticism from my director for doing things like including three bullets instead of two, and everyone talks about my VP in meetings like he’s going to go on a rampage if we make the slightest change of word choice in an email. It literally takes my team a day to respond to one email containing 2 questions from my VP because of how meticulous my director is.

After spending 4 years in undergrad, I can’t help but feel so unfulfilled because now I’m getting daily criticism over how to write an email. Do you have any advice for me/is this supposed to be how normal corporate jobs work?

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