How can I gently let my boss know that I’m searching for new jobs since my development plan is never really considered?

I work at a medium scale company as a technology manager. I’ve been there for a couple of years and I can’t complain about the people. I have a great relation with most of my peers and the work environment is excellent.
The company is growing and business procedures such as development plans and career management are being built. The problem is: I was happy as an individual contributor to the company. But an emergencial situation (former manager quit out of nowhere) practically forced me to assume the position since the team was very small.

Since then, I’ve been pointing out that I would like to return to my previous role as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer.

My boss is always going on and on about how they would like me to assume new projects as well. Meanwhile, everyone else is assuming new projects and I’m stuck on my current role.

I took a vacation and had time to think about it. I’m decided to develop my technical skills and I seem to be going to the other way.

I’m really close to my peers and my boss. I’ve developed a great relationship with the directors. I’d like to point out I’m actively looking for an opportunity to develop my skills without making it sound like a threat or sth. How could I do that?

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