Should I try to ague my days taken off due to having COVID should not count against my reliability, risking a termination review or keep my mouth shut to avoid an immediate termination review?

Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some context, I work at home in Florida and do mostly online assistant services with a couple calls a day. Think a call center but with mostly online chatting instead. I recently had my annual review and due to my reliability I did not get my raise and if I call out or late once more I will be up for a termination review.

The review considers the full year which in total I was late once, took a half day 4 times and called out 4 times (2 of which were due to having COVID). Problem is most of those happened during the Aug-Sept time periods and it take 3 months for any points built up against me to drop off.

I took the days off from COVID really because I couldn’t think straight and my hands were very shaky. Meaning extremely slow response times, risking giving a customer the wrong info, and just bad customer service in general.

After the review it just didn’t sit right with me that those days would count against my reliability. The I noticed the review paperwork had it wrong and I should be up for a termination review now. I’ve been with the company for 5 years and can’t believe I’m risking termination over a policy that was I acted this summer. Performance, metrics, all of that is either acceptable or exceeding.

So should I make the case that my days taken off due to COVID shouldn’t count against me, which will then in turn show that I should be within a termination review, or keep my mouth shut until February where a follow up review will occur to decide if I will get a pay raise and those days off will drop off? (But in the meantime I can be let go if I am late once more or call out before then)

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