How would someone move to a IT based technical role without a tech background?

I (M, 20) looking into the work of technology with the option to have a Hybrid opportunity in this area. Currently, i’ve been working in for a non standard home insurance company with there customer service and sales. I’ve found myself to be excellent at problem solving and resolving issues with a wide range of customers and throughout this time i’ve loved every minute of it.

However, i’m passionate around tech and i’m always finding new thing to play around with, from SQL, Python, virtualisation and some other entry level tech projects. In conjunction with this i’ve been studying the Microsoft Azure platform with plans to complete some certifications later down the live.

So, with that i’ve decided i want to move into the world of tech ideally working with cloud solutions and virtual machines. Therefore, i was just curious what things could i also do in conjunction to the thing mentioned previously to improve skills and changes of getting hired.

Happy to go into more detail or provide further information if needed.

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