Would I be starting something if I sent my regional an email?

So I am not very happy at work at the moment. I work in property management and I report to the property manager. I don’t think she has been treating me right, after I had 2 weeks of not the best quality of work. That was about a month and I was on top of everything for 6 months before. I was dealing with bad news pertaining to my health. Anyways I owned up to it and have been trying to correct myself since. Now I am under the microscope over every little thing and its just frustrating. I wanted to get promoted soon and my manager told me “since this happened she couldn’t recommend me anymore” After one small bad stretch where nothing major even happened. I have been wondering if I should email my regional in confidence about the situation and see if there is a property I could switch too. I would try to spin it in a way it looks like I am trying to correct myself and not a complaint about my manager.

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