How bad is it if CFOs,VP and Directors are all quitting a company?

I work for a software startup company. Company is maybe less than 1000 people. I’m in bottom division, however since beginning of 2022, two CFO’s and two VPs resigned. Fast forward to end of 2022, 3 Directors quit and 1 Assistant Manager quit. They currently started outsourcing two departments. I just learned we do not have an HR phone number. When I asked, the lady who is “supposed” to be in HR states here’s a phone number but it goes to voicemail and someone will eventually call back. The company recently went in and changed my health insurance without telling me and when I emailed them, no one ever replied. Should I just find another tech job in a bigger company? I’m worried with so many corporate people leaving if it’s a sign that the company is possibly going under. However, they’re still hiring people. 95% of the people they’re hiring are outside the US though.

Update/Edit : I forgot to mention the president of the company left too. Right now we are at 630 total employees for the company. 85% of the employees are in Europe.

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