I am moving but I’m at risk of being fired, what can I do?

I have a remote job in California, but I am moving to Hawai’i in the spring. I assumed it would not be an issue since I work remotely but my job says they would have to let me go because they don’t have an office in Hawai’i to process taxes. Is there something I can do? File taxes in a different state?

Update: During the interview I informed them where I was moving and when, they knew about this move before they hired me. When I updated them about the estimated move time they told me I’d have to be let go

Update 2: The job I’m employed at does have tax ID in Hawai’i, but I was hired through another company that takes the paychecks from company A and then gives them to me. So Company B does not have Hawai’i tax Id. I’m trying not to try and cut out company B so that I only have to go through company B

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