Quantity Surveyor(QS) need advice about being bored of my career? (M28 U.K.)

Hello all, I’m sure this may have been done before but please bear with me. Also I’m dyslexic so apologies for the grammatical and spelling errors.

So I’ve been a QS now for sometime and grown my career naturally through rising the ranked, rather than going to get a degree. I’ve realised as I’ve gotten older that it doesn’t spark excitement within me and hasn’t done for a long time.

I’ve moved jobs and moved house with my partner year ago and felt maybe this would give me some new excitement within the industry, which at first it did. Now I’ve settled in I’ve notice now it’s making not want to be there due to the mundaneness of the job.

I’ve been approached by someone saying I’ll make a good supervisor in operations and should give it a go.
I want to give this a to but at the same time it’s the same old s*** just from another point of view.

I also got my trucking licence (HGV) and drive the salt spreaders a in the winter (done it for 4 years now). This helps and I enjoy it immensely due to making the highways safe for everyone.

I’ve wondered what can I do with changing my career with the knowledge I have and making it exciting again. I worry that if I leave QSing I won’t be able to ever go back if I need to for job secret and money. I want to be able to provide for my family and enjoy my working life.

My home life is perfect and love it in every way. My mrs is loving and supporting and so is my step-daughter.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you for your time

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