9 months in the workforce… already bored. Already look for a completely different job?

Hi everyone,

So basically it has been about 9 months since I (24yo male) started working as a consultant in a Big 4 in Europe. I work in a team specialized in IT Auditing especially a specific ERP software. I joined them after an internship I did to get my Master’s degree as I thought it would be stupid to refuse such a good offer (the pay is really good considering it’s my first real job) even though I had strictly no passion for that job.

Right now it has been about 9 months and day after day I’m more and more bored of what I’m doing and feel like my job is useless and I have less and less motivation.

My master’s degree has nothing to do with my job as an IT consultant and I had been studying Market Intelligence / Competitive intelligence doing things like investigations on individuals and companies.

I’m also extremely passionate about the aeronautical industry (I’m a private pilot and my dream job was to be a pilot but the life rythm is not compatible with me in the long term).


I really feel stuck right now and I’m scared to leave the comfort of my full time contract. I was also thinking about keeping my current job and starting my own freelance individual company offering services such as online identity investigation and cleaning.

Anyways, I would really appreciate some advice from you guys…

Thanks in advance!

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