How should I approach a situation where I’d like to try something new but have no experience in it?

Helloo, I hope you are doing well!

I graduated from university in August of 2021 with a BS in Computer Sciences and I’ve worked as a web developer since September of that year. I always had this thing where I didn’t really find what I like in the domain I’m in (computer science as a whole), and I felt that there are a lot of harsh realities and a lot of hard periods which is normal in every career, but are normally approached easier if you like what you are doing rather than not (which I’m not a big fan of honestly).

However, for a while I’ve seen Data Science and I’ve wanted to at least give it a try, I might like it, and I might not like it. I never really understood what the job is about even though I’ve watched few YouTube videos and searched about it a on google.

While I do know it’s about cleaning data, analyzing it, Machine Learning etc… I don’t know how it’s actually practices in real life situations. (I haven’t studied it just researched it).

Recently, I found a job opening in one of the most reputable companies in my country (my friend works there and tells me they have a system where he can submit my CV and give me an opportunity for an interview) that had a 0-3 years experience condition for data engineering position.

While I know data engineering isn’t quite data science, I know that data science is formed of both data engineering and data analysis. And this could be a good first step (I feel). But the problem is, I have literally 0 experience in the field and they have other opportunities that I can apply to but I want to try focusing on this one first. Failing the interview means I have to wait 1.5 years or something before re-applying.

Now I did buy a course on Udemy for data science (It was one of the top rated and most bought when I bought it) but I haven’t started it yet as I’m finishing a previous course I had bought regarding MERN.

Would the Udemy course be enough to apply? What should I look for to find more information about data engineering and data sciencd? Should I try looking for an intership instead? (Internships in that field here aren’t very common and my friend told me that there is a training period once you join for a few months)

I’m mainly scared of the part of the interview where I have to talk about and make conversation about the topic with interviewers (which are seniors in this domain).

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