How to deal with reorganization in my company ?


I’m a young (38M) head of R&D in a small startup (40+) working in Tech who is about the achieve an A serie in the next few months. I’ve old that position for the last 2 years with a lot of success: team is motivate, low turnover, patents, papers, projects, etc.

I’m reporting directly to the CEO but recently I have that gut feeling that he is about the re-structure the company in order to scale better with the A serie while leaving me behind.
I feel that soon, I will have to report to someone else (e.g. CTO) and not directly to the CEO.

He has done that once in the past with the head of product and it did not end well at all: lost a lot of time and collaborators.

I need your advice please. On one hand I can understand the need to structure and change roles accordingly in order the scale the company. On the other, my ego is hurt and I feel that it’s unfair regarding all the hard work I have put in that company and the success we had.

When confronted the CEO denied such scenario but I can’t shake that feeling. We have a 3 hours meeting in two weeks to discuss the future of the company. I want to be prepare and calm for that day.

Thanks in advance.

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