Need advice on what path of engineering i should go on ?

Im 19 turning 20 this year, finished my a lvls in october last year in phy, chem and maths and my grades came out at all A\*s so im very happy for that. Ive always told everyone around me that my future career will be engineering for the longest time but i never had or took the time to seriously consider which specific engineering ill be doing. Everytime i look theres so many types likes electrical mechanical or mechatronics it really confuses and overloads my mind making it hard for me to choose. Currently my parents and family have been suggesting something along aerospace or aeronatics since they say it is a good choice but im still not sure

I never had a specific future come into my mind when i was researching other than that it will be something where im making something (or something in a similar vein) and most importantly be something that will allow me to sustain my parents well.

For the time being im working as an temporary IT support assistant for this year and i can tell being in IT is not where i see myself in the future. I plan on studying abroad next year once i made my choice and get myself a scholarship.

So I’m hoping someone can give me some advice on what engineering types i should choose or any tips in general or whats it like to work on each type of engineering.

i apologize if this post is hard to read my english still needs some work or if this is the wrong subreddit.

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