Top in-demand jobs after 10-20 years, what are your thoughts?

I wanna share my own insight for this

1. Divorce Lawyer – divorce related cases will most likely increase by 500% due to infidelity being normalized by generation these days.

2. Cosmetic Surgeon – people tend to settle their pleasures from social media which sustains their dopamine supply through instant gratifications. As they get older, they get uglier and they less attention they’d get. (Y’know, midlife crisis), In order to keep it, they’d need to reach out to the nearest cosmetic surgeon in town so be that guy who gets ’em the bags 🙂

3. Nutritionist/Fitness Coach – I oversee that people will become health conscious since there are a lot of sources on the internet that would break the way the food industry thought of us (Like consuming sugars/carbs and fast foods). Ketogenic and Lowcarb diets, especially intermittent fasting, will surely be a thing for everybody in the future. (Which health corpos wouldn’t like :/)

4. Psychiatrist – This is self-explanatory but see points 1 and 2

5. Software Developer – Software Industry will become more innovative, especially with AIs being implemented to almost all software we use these days

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