What is the best advice when staff is literally enduring mutiny?

Long-story short: I’m working at a nonprofit that operates a local historical attraction. A new CEO came in in May. The staff are immensely disgruntled, because there was no oversight for years and now they are expected to work. One of the directors is literally making up rumors the CEO is doing nefarious things with the funds and has successfully gotten some onboard. The employee I manage has a negative/disrespectful attitude, pushes back on every assignment, and is also mediocre at her job at best. She’s also best friends with the director trying to get the CEO fired, and went to the Board to complain about having to do work!!!

This job is taking a toll on me physically and mentally. It’s impossible to get any work done there. Also, it seems like no real work has been done since 2017. I took this job after losing my job in November, and it was the first thing I got.

To make matter’s worse, the CEO promised me two work from home days, but now she expects me to go in more often … I drive 45 minutes. The CEO works from the East Coast two weeks a month and she makes a significant amount more than everyone else, but still time keeps and takes a lot of hours/days off. She’s not very present and does not offer any support. Our company only has 20 employees and she now has two executive assistants, one of which is a contract employee located out of state. It also came out after I started that the company is -$100,000 in the hole. It doesn’t help the staff is mostly incompetent and makes every excuse in the book for why they can’t do their jobs. It feels like actual insubordination and sabotaging. They also discriminate against me because I don’t come from a museum/traditional nonprofit background.

I think this place is an absolute shit show filled with bullying and I definitely do not want to be involved with any of this stuff. It just seems inevitable that staff or the CEO will get fired.

What is the best advice for dealing with an actual staff mutiny? Thanks in advance for your comments!

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