which college option would you choose?

Hello, I am finishing my Associates degree this semester at a local community college, and will be transferring to a University to complete a bachelors degree this spring. I am an adult student (33), wife and mom, I also work part time from home. It has taken me roughly 4.5 years to complete my associates as of this winter semester, and this plays a role in deciding which college path to take.

I am interested in both software development/engineering, and web design/or 2d/3d graphics. So I was looking into degree programs that would teach me a bit of both, that has been hard to find because I need the program to be fully online.

I have 4 options that I am considering and a few pros and cons to them, I am really concerned with employment opportunities upon graduation due to my lack of experience, and age. So am not sure if school/degree choice is very important regarding these concerns.

Option 1.) A state school $505/cr, it would take an addition 3.5 to 4 years to graduate, as I would have 6 more math classes to take. But, there is an internship built into the program. It is a Software engineering Degree. Options for design courses limited.

Option 2.) Out of state school $398/cr, not well known, nor can I find many resources or online communities to interact with before, during, or after attending. Has lower tuition, and I would have 20-21 classes left to complete my bachelors, at this school the degree would be in Web Development. I would learn both software adjacent to that career, as well as the design skills that I am particularly more fond of.

Option 3.) Another state school $615/cr, with a degree is Web Design and Development, I am still waiting on an evaluation of my transcripts, the program does not have much information online as it is a new offering. I am assuming that I will also be around the 2 to 3 year mark.

Option 4.) Western Governers University $3,625/6 months, software engineering program, formerly software development. Self paced, low tuition, huge community of fellow students, and no additional math classes. However, some may see it as a degree mill, the course work is untraditional which could present a challenge, and I would not learn any design skills. (am aware that I can learn these on my own.) The idea of accelerating my education is very appealing after having been in college for going on 5 years!

I feel like the first option would set me up for the most success, having an internship, and rigorous coursework, however, this option requires all of those math classes which I really struggle with. I barely passed each of my algebra classes so far (3 classes). I am happy to say though, that for whatever reason, I excelled, in comparison to algebra, at elementary statistics. This semester I will be taking my 5th math course, College algebra.

I don’t want to just code for a living, (I know there is more involved than that), also, I really want to have design skills because that is where my passion lies. Learning both to me is essential so I am more marketable, and so I can find my particular niche. And without relevant work experience I wont know, until I gain some experience. So that just brings me back to getting done sooner rather than later, ideally.

Please tell me your thoughts, I am having a difficult time figuring out which would be the best choice.

Thank you!

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