Do I take a promotion, quit my job, or stay where I am?

Hi all,

I am a property manager for a high end motorhome storage facility in a wealthy geriatric area in the US. I have been here for close to a year, and I am miserable. I am in my early twenties and have really struggled to make connections in the area. My main clientele is rich old people who are very rude and entitled. The day to day of my job is extremely boring, I either just sit in my office or do light cleaning around the facility, but most of my day is me trying to find SOMETHING to do. And I am by myself a good 90% of the time.

The main reason why I took this job is that I get to live on site for free. Free housing is hard to come by, and I initially felt like it was a good opportunity to save money. But I have found that I don’t enjoy living where I work. I feel like I have no privacy and I can’t be myself in my own home.

I am told by everyone in my life that I have such a great job and opportunity and that they wish they could have had a gig like mine when they were my age. And I agree, I have a pretty easy job. However, I’m just so incredibly depressed and I think that the job is the main reason why. I’m at my wits end here and I am in desperate need of a change.

There is a promotion available to move across the country and work for the corporate office, where I will be working a lot more hours and having to constantly travel. My boss has been pushing me to apply, and even helped me write a cover letter for the application. The wage is about the same. It sounds like a good professional opportunity, and would look great on a resume, but my heart is not in this business at all.

What I really want to do is seasonal jobs at national parks across the country. The pay is lower, but it has been my dream for years to go live in the wild and I think this is the most realistic way for me to do that. However, I feel like in order for me to really get the most out of seasonal jobs I should buy a van now to make it easy to travel and camp in between jobs. In order to get a van I would need to save up a bit.

So I guess my question is what do I do? I really want to just quit and live in the woods, but I fear that I will be throwing away a really good stable job, and passing up a good opportunity to work in the corporate world.

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