What’s a job that’s low on stress but decent on pay?

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question or if I’m wishful thinking. I have come to learn that I really can’t handle stressful jobs. My first job out of college was working with at-risk youth at a high school and that job came with so much emotional stress that it wrecked my mental health. Then I worked as a cake decorator in a grocery store and quite liked that, except I got criticism that I didn’t work at a fast enough pace. I moved on to work as a pastry chef in a restaurant but I got fired after a few months. Restaurant kitchen are sooo high-energy and there was so much to think about at all times and I just was not thriving. Now I work in a warehouse and I’m pretty content. It’s just repetitive work and is not a race against the clock. But it doesn’t pay a lot, obviously, and I’m worried I’m going to be poor forever. I can support myself, modestly, but I can’t afford a dog (something that would make me really happy) and I haven’t started saving for retirement yet

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