I’m torn between two jobs opportunities. Should I pick the more well known name, or better overall compensation?


Hello Reddit. Long time lurker, looking for some career advice. Here is the rundown:

I (24M) am a recent college graduate with a BA in Business Administration. I am looking to start a career down the finance industry incorporating some transferable skills I learned working in sales at a large retail jewelry store and hospitality/management at a few food locations.

I have been very fortunate with a lot of job opportunities, and have interviewed for many different positions in retail banking. Mostly down the sales side of the industry. I have finished the final interviews for a few companies, but right now the two I am most interested in is between the Relationship Banker position at JPMChase and a Member Consultant position at the largest credit union in my state.

Here’s where I would like some advice:

Chase is offering me $22-23/hr, has good benefits and is willing to pay for my licensing needed to move towards the next step in my career.

The credit union is offering me closer to $24.75-$26/hr, has a better benefits package and a $1250 sign-on bonus. The downside is they are not paying for as much licensing, but similar to Chase, offer tuition reimbursement if I decide to pursue an MBA at my local college.

The work-life balance sounds better at the Credit Union, but I am willing to sacrifice that for now in order to ensure a strong career going forward. The culture also seems to be really great and everyone I’ve talked to so far seem like amazing people. As an added bonus, I get paid to do things that benefit my mental and physical health too (through company benefits), which is sick.

On the other hand…

I personally bank with Chase, and have no problem advocating for their products. It’s a little more intense, but they pay for my licensing. Everyone there also seem very nice, and I get the huge benefit of having experience working for the largest bank in the U.S. if not the world (not counting China).

My goal is to get an MBA before 30 and to specialize into private equity, mortgages, or even corporate / small business.

If I don’t receive an offer from one company, obviously I will go for the other. That being said, while both are great opportunities, I’m torn between going for the better overall package or the bigger name and licensing.

What do you guys think? Which would be the better route for my overall career?

TLDR: Do I pick the bigger and more prestigious company, or better work-life balance and compensational fit?


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