Should I go into Medical with this?

I want to go into the Medical field for a career, since I want to help people (and it’s good information to know, it pays well, and I can use my knowledge outside of my job for family, friends, etc.), but I’ve noticed how when learning about the body, whether that be about blood, people with diseases, seeing exposed organ’s/muscled moving, and etc. I get uncomfortable. Like seeing/learning about it makes me squirm in my seat and feel the need to stretch or something- I don’t know exactly why (although my best guess is that I’m afraid of death and that I’m afraid of anything bad happening to my body, and whenever I see something inside of the body moving- like a heart pumping blood- I’m afraid that it will suddenly stop, or something will go wrong, for me… If that makes sense?) It has become a potential problem. I don’t want to feel disgusted or uncomfortable when seeing that kind of stuff, especially when I want to go into a medical career (I’m thinking about going into being a Family Practitioner currently).

Does anyone know why this happens, and what I should do? If it’s an irrational fear, should I be worried about it, or something?

I still want to pursue going into a medical career, so what advice and guidance do you guys have? I’m currently in my Junior year of Highschool and I haven’t really taken any medical classes for it (due to Covid and other factors). Thank you!!

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