When to disclose pre-existing vacation during hiring process?

I’ve had one interview for a job that I really want, and it would be my first job post-grad. The interview went really well. I have a 10 day (non-refundable/changeable) trip planned in July. I’d probably be starting this job late April. If I’m offered the position, should I bring up my trip before we go any further, or should I wait until after I start the job?

If I wait, I’m worried that I will come across demanding or like I deceived them. I don’t want to face a hard situation where they have something super important going on during those days. Obviously we are entitled to our PTO but I don’t want to cause any issues right after I start.

I’m leaning toward telling them right after receiving the offer (if it happens). It could just be a part of the negotiation process. I don’t know if there are any risks in doing this. This could be my first big girl job, and although I’ve had multiple jobs in the past, I’ve never needed to ask for time off right off the bat. Any advice is appreciated!

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