Where do I go in my career?

Hey guys I’m a young project management graduate.

I’ve got some experience in sales/marketing in SAAS, some procurement experience in E commerce both of which I found to be exhausting and I quickly burnt out and some really interesting startup founding experience.

Currently I’m going through a bit of an identity crisis as I don’t particularly like the mundane repetitive nature of sales and very repetitive buying.

I like analytics and I’ve learnt SQL and Tableau by now as well as Excel. Moreover I’ve learnt project management tools in Uni like SAP-PM and Microsoft PM which I found to be pretty intuitive.

My sticking point is I love learning about every aspect of a business and kinda tying it all together for optimizing how a business works.

I would love some guidance on what kind of careers you think would be a good path from your knowledge as well as personal experience.

Thank you so much

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