35. Never had a long term career. How should I proceed?

Hi. I need serious help.

About me:


35. Have a degree in Finance with a minor in economics. Graduated from a state school (dad said if i wasn’t going to Harvard, it’s a waste of money to go elsewhere).


I graduated about the time of the 2008 financial crisis. Needless to say, I couldn’t find any jobs in the finance industry other than “Financial Advisor” which paid zero dollars and all commission, so i didn’t pursue it at the time.


I have a twin brother who has serious mental issues and was/is suicidal. And so I used that as an excuse for so many years as to why I never left home and pursued goals. I cared about him so much that i said to myself that I wouldn’t leave him until he found his own career/way in life.


I didn’t have a girlfriend during this time and wasn’t social with anyone, because I didn’t want to go out when my brother was at home by himself. He was my best friend and everything. So i stayed at home with him. We bonded over video games and other small things.


During this time, we always told our friends that we were “working for our dad.” Which was true, in a way. He had an antiques business, and my brother helped with the technical side (he was good with web design), and I helped with the business side (but in reality, i didn’t do too much. Just some marketing and physical help every now and then).


I’ve worked jobs all my life, but never any serious, long term career jobs. Here are the jobs i’ve held:


\- First job was working at the mall at a clothing store folding clothes.

\- I worked as a tutor for math/English.

\- I did some work with the university of notetaking for students with disabilities (I can type 100+ WPM).

\- Ref for Youth Soccer games

\- In College I was a Teaching Assistant for Computer Science 101. Very basic stuff, it was part of a course I was taking. Instructed a class of college students on the Microsoft Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) as well as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, and SSH.

\- During college I was accepted as a Jr. Analyst for a “Wall Street type job”. It was pretty much an internship for traditional Investment Banking jobs, except I wasn’t in a feeder school, so I was never going to be accepted at a Wall Street NY Bank, especially during the 2008 Financial Crisis. So I learned some Financial Modeling and Pitchbook stuff, but it’s pretty much all been forgotten by now.

\- In 2015 I was accepted to the Air Traffic Control Program. It was an accomplishment in itself to be accepted. But unfortunately, I didn’t pass the final exam. And then I went back home.

I didn’t mention that I always loved Aviation, and I always wanted to be a pilot but My 18 year old self would never mention it to my dad, so I went the “Professional” Route. So when this opportunity came along, I applied and it was amazing. But it didn’t work out (I think because I probably have mild ADD, but never diagnosed). So that’s a good thing for air travel =)

\- In 2019-2000 I had a connection in the Restaurant Business. He was a owner of a Restaurant Franchise, and he said he needed some “Good men” to help with his business. So at age 30, I started working for a Pizza franchise. I never worked in a restaurant before. I did every job possible, from working dish pit, to the line, and eventually to management. I did every single thankless job out there, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.


His goal was to eventually put me on as a “Business Coach,” which is a regional manager of sorts for the franchise.

And after 1-2 years working in a restaurant (and I told nobody of my connection), I finally got promoted to the Business Coach position, which was amazing….


And then COVID happened. Restaurants were one of the biggest hits of all industries, and I was laid off (being the newest employee to Corporate).

\- Then for a few months, I worked for him in an unofficial capacity to help him build a “Legacy Restaurant.” But in reality, I was just doing odds and ends at his estate like mowing lawns and being more of a property manager. This was also cool and an amazing opportunity. I learned all about landscaping and different aspects of property zoning. But after a few months, i realized that this was not a long term opportunity and I left (I didn’t mentioned that my twin brother came over to where I was living, and was living with me on this mans property because my dad suggested he come here, away from his mom who he was living with. And he made it clear that my brother wasn’t pulling his weight, so he wanted him out).

I developed some very bad skin conditions, probably because of the stress of all of what was happening. I hated that my brother was seen as a burden. And I made the decision that we both leave and go back home.

\- Fast Forward to 2001. I had some money saved up and during my recovery at home (at my moms house), I really got into Stock Market Trading. Which is essentially what I was first passionate about when I went to college.

Long story short, I made some OK money trading in 2021. This was during the market BOOM. And I was smart and stopped trading after I made some money. But in 2022 I made zero dollars because I didn’t want to risk anything.


Now it’s 2023, I’m 35. I have a girlfriend who i intend to marry, and she has a son who I consider like my own. They both make me very happy.

I thought perhaps that trading could be a career for me. But it’s simply not stable enough unless I was single.


So after my life story. I’m at a point now where I would like to start a career. But I need advice. How should I start a career at 35? I’m considering working for an airline or firm that needs a finance position. Except, I haven’t worked finance jobs in 10+ years, so I would not quality for any jobs that require any levels of experience.

I’m also not qualified to accept the internship positions to get experience since these are reserved for college students.


So i need help. How do I get experience if I don’t have any, and if the internship jobs are mainly for people that are currently enrolled in college?

Should I go for a brand new career or at least used my Finance BBA to help me out in some way? I’m open to anything.

Thanks for listening this far, I’ve never told anybody any of this.

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