Maybe I’m just bored? Or Is the grass really greener?

Maybe I’m just bored and need some sense knocked into me

So me:
38M, married, two kids, new house, graphic designer, ~17 years experience, <90k/year, live in western NY, my wife is a SAHM until kids are both school age.

I mostly like the work I do, it’s varied and can be fun at times. My manager and their manager are very laissez-faire leaders, if that makes sense. It’s what I went to school for, I got in while in college and for a long time, I was sure that I would retire doing the same work. But more and more, it is feeling very repetitive.

The thing is, I have no interest in moving up to a director or manager role. I know myself well enough to know that I would not be a good fit for a leadership position, but design firms aren’t really leading the way on raises for expertise instead of promotions as raises.

I’m wondering what options exist for designers exiting the design industry. Not moving to marketing or advertising or UX. I mean, get out of the design world entirely. How do I use my experience with client and project management, animation, video, print, interactive design and qualify it as relevant experience?

But not going to lie, I’m incredibly anxious about searching for different work, moving to a new job and hating it/the company/the coworkers. Maybe I just need a reminder that I have it pretty good.

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