Moving from Global Manager (UK) to C-suite role (Asia) – too fast career progression?

I am 30 years old, been working in my field for over 10 years and been offered a C-suite role at a midsize company in Asia with about 100-150 employees. Currently I’m in a Global Manager role for a big well-known corporate company with 10,000+ employees in London.

Concerning the role itself, I’m sure this is something I am capable of. I have the expertise required to do this, and I would thoroughly enjoy the work.

It’s also always been my dream to move to Asia and have a purposeful and high-impact role, but didn’t expect it would happen this quickly. I’m slightly concerned that I might be progressing the career ladder too fast (if that’s a thing at all?). It seems quite a jump from Global Manager to C-Suite.

Again, not worried about whether I’m capable enough, but more concerned about raised eyebrows from people around me and potential future employees when they see my resume. Is this even a thing?

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